Twenty Six Steaks

26 Steaks on one table and they were all for me. The best part about it was the beautiful people around me too. I realized that once we were able to finally calm down for the day, tasting steaks wasn’t all that bad. That was when I really wanted to explore the world.

Steaks are the top of the line food wherever you go. The best part about them is that you can tell the quality of a city by their finest steak. It costs a pretty penny to get our there and try them all, but that was exactly my intent.

Testing fine dining and judging vacations is an awesome job. I won’t kid anyone. But the best part about it is seeing different cultures. Steak in Chicago is much different than in New York, and even salad has a different taste. But making the steak selection in every city is the best part about traveling. You really see how committed people are to their work and their food.

Anyway… I have a t-bone in front of me so I must get going. It never gets old.

t bone


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